phpMyAdminphpMyAdmin 3.2.0 Final

Вышла финальная версия phpMyAdmin 3.2.0. Новая версия содержит ряд небольших нововведений и исправления ошибок.

Changes in version 3.2.0:
— [core] better support for vendor customisation (based on what Debian needs)
+ rfe #2127987 warn when session.gc_maxlifetime is less than cookie validity
+ rfe #2100910 configurable default charset for import
+ rfe #1913541 link to InnoDB status when error 1005 occurs
+ rfe #1927189 strip ` from column names on import
+ rfe #1821619 LeftFrameDBSeparator can be an array
+ patch #1821619 [privileges] Extra back reference when editing table-specific privileges
+ patch #2356575 [display] Sortable database columns
— patch #2486825 [lang] Wrong string in setup script hints
— patch #2498350 [cleanup] XHTML cleanup,
+ patch #2494192 [display] Possibility of disabling the sliders
+ patch #2506831 [privileges] Create user for existing database
+ patch #2505255 [privileges] Cleanup
— bug #2414056 [auth] AllowNoPasswordRoot error message is too vague
— patch #2596230 [XHTML] View table headers/footers completely
— patch #2602633 [core] support column name having square brackets
+ [lang] Lithuanian update
+ [auth] New setting AllowNoPassword (supercedes AllowNoPasswordRoot) that applies to all accounts (even the anonymous user)
— patch #2652972 [relation] Missing code with hashing for relationship editing
+ rfe #2123386 Added option to disable mcrypt warning.
— bug #2648502 Request-URI Too Large error from Location header
+ rfe #1731967 Check for relations support on main page.
+ rfe #2186820 Explanation for using Host table.
+ rfe #1369509 Link to download more themes.
+ rfe #1666487 Add option to generate password on change password page.
+ rfe #1694104 Allow logging of user status with Apache.
— patch #2649087 None default is different than other None in some languages.
+ [lang] Chinese Simplified update
— patch #2550286 [display] Sort arrows problem
— [security] warn about existence of config directory on main page
+ patch #2706761 [lang] Polish update
+ patch #2715142 [export] (rfe 2416960, escape new line in CSV export)
— patch #2727250 Optimizations for PHP loops
— bug #2650776 [import] SQL_MODE not saved during Partial Import
— patch #1863739 [auth] cache control missing (PHP-CGI)
— patch #2750541 [parser] Incorrect parsing of constraints in ALTER TABLE
+ patch #2735162 [status] Server status — replication
+ patch #2745215 [edit] Multi-row change with "]" improved
+ rfe #2657696 Automatically copy generated password
— bug #2787162 [interface] Table with name 'log_views' is incorrectly displayed as a view
+ patch #2665440 Detect mcrypt initialization failure
+ [lang] Galician update
+ [lang] Swedish update
+ [lang] Norwegian update
+ [lang] Catalan update
+ [lang] Finnish update
+ [lang] Hungarian update

P.S. Если не сложно — подкиньте кармы. Создам отельный блог и перенесу туда новость.
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  • 17 июня 2009, 02:00

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хотя mysql gui gools кому-то удобнее… не во всём правда…
Спасибо за карму, перенёс.
Какой репозиторий для него?
С каких пор у PMA есть репа? Или я что-то упустил в этой жизни? :-D
phpMyAdmin всегда был в репозитории Ubuntu, что в этом такого? Только вот я не вижу в этом смыла, лучше исходники скачать.
Об этом я знаю… Если бы у PMA была своя репа — другое дело, был бы смысл.
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