FreeBSDВышел FreeNAS 0.7 RC1 версия

Вышла первая сборка FreeNAS линейки 0.7. Данная линейка впервые базируется на FreeBSD 7.2. Из особых нововведений хочется отметить внедрение ZFS файловой системы.
Полный список изменений по сравнению с 0.69 под катом.

Majors changes:

•Upgrade to FreeBSD 7.2.
•Include ZFS support. Thanks to Nelson Silva for doing core coding and Falk Menzel for testing and giving some tipps and ideas.
•Upgrade iSCSI initiator to 2.1.1.
•Replace iSCSI target by istgt. Thanks to Daisuke Aoyama for the WebGUI adaption. Please note, if you have used devices with the previous iSCSI target software you have to recreate your target.
•Add WOL patch for nVidia(nfe(4)) and 3Com(xl(4)). Thanks to Tobias Reber.
•Upgrade mt-daapd/firefly to svn-1696.
•Refactor 'Diagnostics|Log' WebGUI.
•Add kernel patches to get ARTiGO A2000 hardware working. Thanks to David Davis for the patches.
•Respect the modified log file location (via rc.conf for syslog, fuppes, mt-daapd, ...) in the WebGUI (FR 2778803/2791772).
•Upgrade transmission to 1.61. Add 'Watch directory' and 'Extra options' fields to 'Services|BitTorrent' WebGUI.
•Add entry 'FTP — Ban module' to the list of log files in 'Diagnostics|Log' if the module is enabled (FR 2797652).
•Add 'iperf', a tool to measure maximum TCP and UDP bandwidth (FR 2785038).
•Add 'bsnmp-ucd' module that implements parts of UCD-SNMP-MIB.
•Add SNMP client tools: bsnmpget, bsnmpset and bsnmpwalk
•Add 'Auxiliary parameters' to 'Services|SNMP' that will be added to the end of the snmpd.config file.
•Upgrade e2fsprogs to 1.41.5.
•Upgrade rsync to 3.0.6.
•Upgrade tftp-hpa to 0.49.

Bug fixes:

•Hardening WebGUI to prevent cross-site request forgery attacks (JPCERT/CC JVN#15267895).
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